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Teléfon has often been described as musique-noire, combining odd time signatures with postpunk walls of sound and dreamy soundscapes.

Never afraid to experiment, the band has always been interested in combining genres to create something that is hard to define, yet still communicating musically what its intentions are. Teléfon plays with authenticity and passion.

Stuart Galloway (producer/recording artist/musician) created Teléfon out of a necessity to express himself in a way that was fulfilling as an artist without having to compromise his vision. The music is born from a love of all types of musical influences.

The recording artist/composer combines sonic elements with electronic and analog instrumentation. It’s hard to pin Teléfon down to a certain genre or label, the band will always continue exploring limitless directions.

A sense of comfort and true allure comes through from the excellent TELÉFON from Vancouver who have been recommended to us through our Canadian based music network. The sullen feel in their sound necessitates from a very steady flow.

The explicit way that it is all brought forth stirs the playing in a potent way. In how it narrows on the sound you immediately pick up just what they are about and have going for them. What they have going for them very much sees them find their stride, and they find it with great purpose indeed. A band to truly fall for.

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Teléfon has released its third album, “Feigning Lights”, further solidifying the band’s unwavering resolve to create music that pushes emotional boundaries.

The band is known for its diversity in sounds and directions. Teléfon always wants to explore new sonic territories, so the band decided to make its third release an instrumental concept album.

The angular and sometimes discordant nature of Teléfon adds a “musique-noire” presence as the story unfolds. “Feigning Lights” does not disappoint its fans with its unique style of washy guitars, reverb drenched synthesizers and intricate melodic soundscapes.


Chimera (2013)

Stuart Galloway - Guitars, bass, keyboards, production

Andy Wall - Guitars, keyboards

Vocals, Lyrics - Valeska Jakobowicz

All songs written, produced and performed by Teléfon © 2013

Like a brittle flame (2015)

The result is the same

by Teléfon | Like a brittle flame

Missing skin

by Teléfon | Like a brittle flame

Stuart Galloway - Guitars, bass, keyboards, production

Andy Wall - Guitars, keyboards

Vocals, Lyrics - Aurore Villien

All songs written, produced and performed by Teléfon © 2015

*free download from bandcamp

Feigning Lights (2018)

Written, produced and performed by Teléfon/Stuart Galloway © 2018

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All songs written, produced and performed by Teléfon © 2013 – 2020
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